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susan suarez

Taproot SEO was founded in 2022 by Susan Suarez.

With over 15 years of experience in the SEO industry, working across many sectors, including health, fashion, eCommerce, beauty, restaurant, and financial services, it was time for Susan to build out Taproot SEO. Graduating with a degree in Biology from UC Irvine in California, Susan utilizes her scientific understanding of the intricacies of the human body and nature to guide her strategic pathways to formulating the most effective SEO for her clients.

Based in California but working with clients nationally, Taproot SEO is an SEO consultancy that focuses on all things technical and on-site, focusing on strengthening websites so that they grow on a solid foundation.

More about Susan Suarez can be found here on SDVoyager to learn about her entrepreneurial background.

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The name “Taproot” was chosen because of the interesting similarities between taproots and search engine optimization (SEO). Both require a strong foundation to succeed.

A plant’s taproot is the main root that grows deep into the soil, providing a solid base for the rest of the plant’s growth. Similarly, SEO involves building a well-structured website with quality content and relevant keywords to help search engines understand and index the site properly.

Ongoing optimization efforts such as creating new content, updating existing content, and building backlinks are necessary for continued success, much like regular watering and fertilization is necessary for the health of a taproot.

Lastly, having a strong taproot can support a plant’s growth and help it withstand tough conditions. In the same way, a strong and well-optimized website can withstand ever-changing search engine updates, driving more visibility, traffic, and potentially more conversions.

These interesting similarities illustrate the importance of a strong foundation, consistent effort, and potential impact on growth and visibility, which is at the core of what I do at Taproot SEO.